Saturday, February 28, 2009

Does the University really care about the students...or is it all about the money?

What's up people? It's your outspoken host Ms. Williams! Well, where do I begin......I began at the University of Phoenix 3 yrs. ago and currently maintain a 3.93 GPA and have managed to make nothing less than an A- thus far. I attend one of the Raleigh, North Carolina campuses. Strange, huh? Someone who's making straight A's is complaining. I know it sounds odd, but you'll understand why very soon.

Many students including myself feel as though if you're not learning anything, why go to school. Not every student is looking for a free ride. And then, you have those who have skated their way through their respective program(s). These are the ones that will probably be very angry with me by the time this is all over.

So let's talk about the ridiculous set-up they have. We'll be discussing everything from the class syllabuses to the Learning Team" environment. Here are just a few of the topics I would like to discuss over time:
  • Education vs Money (Is the instruction received worth what I'm paying?)
  • Learning Teams (What's the purpose if half of the students drop out anyway?)
  • Syllabus (Can students request the full syllabus prior to the class beginning or being open?)
  • Classrooms (Should it be accessible more than 2 days prior to class beginning?)
  • Instructors (Who screens these people?)
  • Communication w/Administration (Have you ever spoken to anyone other than your AC/FC?)
  • Academic Policies (Should some of the policies be adjusted based on individual circumstances?)
  • Grievance Hearings (When can we be heard?)
  • and many, many more.

Feel free to make requests for topics you would like to discuss. This is OUR forum!

The first topic I'd like to discuss is the "End of Course Survey". These surveys are my absolute favorite! NOT!!!! Are they serious? They always make me laugh. How many times have you completed the survey & requested to be contacted regarding some of your responses? If you're like me, they became to numerous to continue counting. So, what's the point of the surveys? This brings me to my initial question. Does the University of Phoenix really care about the educational enrichment of it's students, or are they more concerned about the number of students they can lure in and get financial aid for. As with any profitable business, the customer should come first since they are the foundation of any business. Without customers, you have no business.

How many of you feel as though the University of Phoenix values you as a paying customer? I sure as heck don't. I'm still waiting on a call regarding my very first survey of which I had absolutely NOTHING positive to say and asked to be contacted on every issue. So again I have to ask, what is the purpose of these surveys if nobody bothers to read or respond to them? I guess it's easy to ignore students individually especially when you don't have to be face[to[face with them. I wonder how they would ignore a large group of students waiting for them outside the camps building or the Department Chair or Director of Student Affairs' office.....hmmmm.

Your thoughts...